Restaurant Rescue

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You Love Your Restaurant!

We do too! New Industry ideas directed at increasing gross revenues & developing loyal customers is what we're passionate about. In looking to create advocates for your business we start with a knowledgeable staff to share the best menu items, events and unique character of your Restaurant. Let your loyal customers boast about you & we’ll show you how! Reach your business goals with well-planned

Revenue & Profits

With whole food costs increasing 4% for 2012 and a 3% decrease in full services dining due to economy, attracting new customers along with growing larger loyal customer base has become challenging. We're here to meet the challenge head on.   Developing strength from within restaurant doors will increase future growth and profits.  Our team develops training techniques for staff to increase sales of menu items while catering to guest needs in a thoughtful and curteous manner. We focus on revenue growth through customer loyatly. Restaurant loyal customers make up 80% of revenues over time.  

Owner Benefits

Work alongside Hospitality trained professionals, as you illuminate the strengths of your restaurant & enhance areas of concern. Owners and managers alike are exposed to new trends in Hospitality with an easy to follow plan of action. Together with staff examine the areas requiring perfecting and encouraging industry habits that continue to excel with guests satisfaction. A plan to optimize the performance of your restaurant and staff through proper planning and strategic execution.  The knowledge to continued restaurant success is yours for a lifetime.


As people change so do their likes and dislikes.  The Restaurant Industry is no exception to this rule. Popular items are influenced by TV Networks, celebrities, social media, and food & beverage manufacturers.  Technology solutions within the Restaurant Industry is growing at a rapid rate.  Restaurants incorperating technology is on the rise across the country and especially prominant in big cities like New York, Chicago, L.A., and Miami.  Restaurant customers that dine out several times a week are young and  tech savvy with smartphones, social media interests and a thirst for something new.   Food and beverage preferences change with the seasons and we take this great opportunity to attract new customers to your Restaurant.  With open arms we embrace the Restaurant Industry and all the great flavors it has to offer.   Bob Dylan- 'The Times They Are a-Changin' 

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